Which Skills Are Must Require Writing Human Resource Dissertation?

Which Skills Are Must Require Writing Human Resource Dissertation?

Human resource management is an approach designed to study how employees should be hired and managed effectively in an organization. This substantial field requires an in-depth knowledge of the underlying factors and concepts. Students of human resource management study various concepts, framework and theories related to the effective management of employs in an organization and in the final semesters of graduation they are required to submit a dissertation on the topic of their choice. The following article by a dissertation writing service will highlight some of the skills that are needed to write a human resource dissertation.

Choose an Appropriate Topic:

There are many topics and ideas that need to be explored in the field of human resource management, but while choosing a topic for your dissertation you need to make sure that there is sufficient literature to support and justify the theoretical framework or otherwise you have to struggle in the process of data collection. You have to pick a topic that is not only relevant to your field but also point out some interesting literature gaps. Choosing the right topic will certainly improve the quality of your dissertation. If you have any type of difficulty in choosing an appropriate topic, you can look through the internet for some suggestions and then decide which topic can be best for your dissertation.

Data Collection and Analysis:

As a student of human resource management, your data collection skills must be outstanding. You need to gather, analyse and draw conclusion from your data in a systematic manner so that your research contributes to the field of your study. There are various ways which can be used to collect data such as by conducting interviews, taking people responses on questionnaires or observing the employs in their work environment. Whatever methods you have chosen for the data collection make sure the results bring a new perspective to your field of study.

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Structure of your Dissertation:

The structure of your dissertation is very crucial and can help you to achieve better grades. There are certain essential elements in the dissertation that correlate with each other to portray a complete picture. Few important elements of a human resource dissertation are discussed below:

  • Title page and Acknowledgements
  • A summary of the research known as the abstract.
  • Table of contents that spotlight all the contents of your paper.
  • Introduction includes rationale of your dissertation, research background, main research aims and objectives, and the research questions that you are going to address in the dissertation.
  • Literature review provides the relevant theories and strategies by examining the literature available on the selected research topic while keeping in consideration the research questions that you have formulated. The basic purpose of literature review is to foreground and explain the weaknesses and strengths of the selected research area and finding the research gaps.
  • After literature review, data collection and analysis strategies are discussed under the chapter of methodology. Methodology chapter provides various methods and techniques that the student has used to collect data and analyse it. It includes the research design, research philosophy, research limitations and ethical consideration.
  • After discussing methodologies, you will head to the findings and analysis chapter. This chapter outlines all the major findings without interpreting the data or presenting any conclusions. You can elaborate your findings with the help of graphs, chart and tables to portray a clear picture in front of the reader.
  • When you have discussed your findings in detail now it is time to present your ideas and interpretation of the findings and draw conclusions. You will analyse whether your research hypothesis has been verified or not. A human resource management student should have the ability to establish link between the outcomes of his research with the evidence from literature.
  • Reference list should be established on a separate page under the heading of ‘References’. Every university has certain requirements regarding the references; make sure to complete your list in accordance with them.
  • Appendices are also included at the end of dissertation projects to present any additional information that can be helpful in expanding the data.

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While writing a dissertation all the students need to follow the basic structure to present their information in an organized form, thus enabling the reader to understand and comprehend their work conveniently. Human resource dissertation must highlight some recommendations based on the findings that provide some directions for the future. The summary of the overall research, final judgements and comments of the writer must highlight some suggestions that can be helpful for the particular research area in the future. You can get favourable results when you will polish your dissertation writing skills and enhance your knowledge about the particular field.