Free vs Paid Plagiarism Checker Tools

Free vs Paid Plagiarism Checker Tools


Do you want to remove plagiarism from your dissertation? It is because universities have strict policies against plagiarism. It means that you can’t copy the work of someone else. It’s considered academic theft. Hence, it’s wise if you consider checking the plagiarism of your document. There are dozens of online plagiarisms checker tools available which you can use.

Before moving towards such tools, I would like you to know about plagiarism. Plagiarism is a false practice. It is a practice of copying someone else’s work and portraying it as your own. Many people think that it is just copying and borrowing the work of an author. But the term “copying” covers the seriousness of plagiarism. It is a crime. But plagiarism checker tools help you in this regard. They help you to identify the plagiarised content so you can paraphrase it.

Importance of Plagiarism

Plagiarism tools provide great assistance to students and researchers. They are important in many ways. According to the dissertation help firm said that many students think that copying the work of another author will help them to get good grades. They are wrong in their thinking. It is because it will have adverse effects on their research. Plagiarism is academic misconduct, and it can get you expelled from your institute. So, knowledge of plagiarism is very important.

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Plagiarism Tools

You do not have to be afraid of plagiarism or academic misconduct. You can easily detect plagiarized content using different free or paid tools. With these tools, you can easily identify plagiarised content. To guide you further in this regard, I have prepared a list of different paid and free plagiarism checker tools available online. Both have their own pros and cons.

Free Plagiarism Checker Tools

As discussed, some plagiarism checker tools offer their services for free. You just need to copy and paste your work into the tool’s window. After that, it will compare your writing against its database of web pages. They can also provide you with a plagiarism report. Some of the free plagiarism tools are as follows.

  • Plagiarism CheckerX

Paid Plagiarism Checker Tools

Along with free, some tools offer paid services. These plagiarism checking tools offer you extra benefits besides checking the percentage of plagiarism. The premium versions of such tools also generate a detailed plagiarism report. The best feature of the paid tool is that it also highlights your grammar mistakes. They provide you with a detailed report of plagiarism along with the link to the copied source.

Some of the best-paid plagiarism tools are as follows:

  • Turnitin
  • Copyscape
  • Quetext

How Plagiarism Tools Help Students

Plagiarism checking tools offer a wide range of benefits to students. These tools protect students from academic theft. There are lots of ways in which these tools can help students. Some of the benefits are:

1. Search in a Variety of Databases

After a student has completed his dissertation. The next stage before submitting it to a journal for publication is plagiarism checking. Students usually read several sources while writing their dissertation. Sometimes they just copy-paste the text. In this situation, plagiarism checker tools offer a great deal of help. They search the content of the dissertation against thousands of online databases.

2. Offering a Percentage Match

Plagiarism software gives you a percentage match report of your content. Universities often have an accepted percentage of plagiarism. For B.Sc. students, this percentage is 19%. But as the level of studies goes up, this allowed percentage also reduces. Hence, such plagiarism checker tools also provide you with a percentage report. One typical example of such software is Turnitin. Most universities and professors use this software to check plagiarism in dissertations.

3. Helping in Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is, no doubt, a hectic job. It becomes more complicated when you have very little grip on English grammar. These tools offer you great help in this regard but they are not recommended. Such tools identify the plagiarised content and offer you alternative paraphrased content. Using paraphrased content will reduce the percentage of plagiarism in your dissertation but also change the context of your research. Therefore, the experts do not recommend paraphrasing from these tools. You can use them for plagiarism only.


The CEO of essay writing service firm said that plagiarism is a serious issue in student’s life. It really gets hectic when all your efforts go in vain just because of plagiarism. To help you out in this, I have mentioned some plagiarism checker tools in the guide above. With these tools, you can surely avoid plagiarism and can aim for good grades.