How A Business Can Survive Without Digital Marketing

How A Business Can Survive Without Digital Marketing

Companies’ use of digital marketing has grown dramatically in recent years, as part of their overall marketing strategy, with more companies using digital media and particularly social media. To counterbalance the overall phenomenon, we still encounter highly successful companies that don’t do a single thing online, don’t have a website or social media presence. Without digital marketing, can you still be successful? The simple answer to this question is that it depends, we know many companies that are, but that is highly dependent on the type of company and how the business gets business and communicates with clients and whether or not the target customer is a digital native. The companies that are successful without a website or digital marketing strategy are mostly micro or small businesses founded like a dissertation help company. They have frequent or repeat customers who feed a funnel of referral and marketing that predates the Internet era.


How To Escape This Trap And Grow Without Digital Marketing?

At first, it may seem unlikely but there are infinite ways of promoting your company beyond social media. Avoid wasting your precious resources on social media and put everything you have into making an unbeatable product. You will see a lot of small teams trying to raise big funds to market their business. They still have a bigger marketing budget than their production budget; stop that. Create a perfect product for you and it will do much of the marketing.


Interact With Customers Personally:

You need to get out of that room, crack the bubble of security and speak to your audience. Personally reach out to your online customers, and don’t be afraid to get blunt but truthful reviews at the outset. For starters try Reddit. A personal chat is often better than a banner for fascinating social media advertising. Mind that your customers still want to talk to a human being.


Do It The Traditional Way:

Social media is now a way of life, but you had to go into the trenches about a decade ago and do very aggressive marketing and you didn’t get to use these wonderful platforms. We’d just be sticking to conventional marketing and PR strategies. People have been doing business for decades and just a decade ago, social media came into being. But you can also follow other conventional forms of marketing. If you wish to continue, we’d suggest you read some books or articles about this topic. There are a hundred other ways too. Revert to Public Relations. To get the most publicity for company public relations is the perfect way to go! Press coverage is a fantastic way to raise awareness and sell the products.


Transfer Your Audience To Other Mediums:

What if you have some followers already on social media platforms? Bring them into some other medium where you can more directly communicate with them. Like if you’re on Facebook, you can give them a message to sign up for a mailing list or tell them you’re on other more clear forums.


Find Other Channels: 

You can campaign on other small sites to reach your niche audience. If your target audience is developers for example, then you can go to or Hash node. Let’s say your target audience is travelling people, so on travel blogging sites like Tripoto you can reach out to them. The point of it is you’ve just got to be imaginative. Note, the internet is larger than just Facebook, Google and Twitter, no matter how hard they’re trying to make you think differently.


Keep Working Hard Till The End:

Complete social media dependency is not a solution in cloud computing. When you’re just starting as a small business, note that your focus should be on first producing a quality product, then the production of a great marketing strategy follows. This is how tall all the giants in the industry are today. They’ve always hustled so probably don’t want you to do the same thing. Hard job! Ultimately there’s no easy way to make your company a success. You need to hustle, so buckle up, get into the right mindset, and get started now.


If you leave social media, of course, your world won’t collapse around you. You did not leave your client list, your company website is still up and running, and other elements of your online marketing strategies are likely to stay in full swing. Let us be explicit in stating that a small business can be run entirely without using social media in its promotional strategy. Here’s where we’re in the discussion on how a company can thrive in this day and age without social media. To keep it easy, any business can survive without it if done correctly but there will be challenges as it relates to growth.