How to Avoid Passive Voice in Academic Papers

How to Avoid Passive Voice in Academic Papers

Good quality writing requires you to write in an active voice as it is considered to be more clear and concise, and it is the preferred way of writing when it comes to completing academic assignments. Teachers and academic institutes prefer students to avoid the use of passive voice for various reasons. There are times when students end up writing mostly in a passive voice, and it often lands them in trouble because their academic papers must contain an active voice. If you do not know how to work on active voice and want to prevent mistakes, the best thing to do is to make use of good passive voice correctors online or hire coursework writing services that can help you improve your assignments according to the standards that have been recommended.

Most of the writing experts recommend the use of an active voice for all your writings as your readers expect you to write clearly and directly. Passive voice is avoided because it often requires more words, and at times, it can be confusing as the subject of the writing is not always totally clear, and it can lead to misunderstandings that affect the quality of the content. Active voice writing is always more concise and makes more sense, which is the main reason it is preferred. It is also important to understand that the use of passive voice is not completely incorrect, it can cause the academic work to be frowned upon and you might be able to secure as good grades as you would with content written in the active voice. Thus, you should learn to use active voice as much as possible and skip the use of passive voice to write good quality content.

How To Avoid Passive Voice When Writing An Academic Paper:

When you will know how to avoid passive voice in academic writing, you will be able to produce papers that are strong and communicate the right message to the readers. Rather than revising the paper and making corrections, later on, the best way to deal with it is to avoid it fully during writing. Here are some good tips that will help you ensure that you write in the active voice and do not end up making mistakes that can cause you a lot of time or effort:

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The first and the most important thing for you to do while working on your assignments is that knowing who is the subject within the silence; this is the person or the thing that will make the action in the sentence. You should know what verb is being used, what is the action word that is being carried out by the subject in the sentence. Ensure that the subject is acting within the sentence; the subject must always come before the verb so that it is clear that they are doing something. You must understand when the passive voice is being used; typically you will use it when the object or the sentence or the action is more important.


  • The footballer kicked the ball.
  • The pianist sang the song.
  • The writer wrote the book.
  • The professor solved the problem
  • Claret will invite Joe to the party.


  • The ball was kicked by the footballer.
  • The song was sung by the pianist.
  • The book has been written by the writer.
  • The problem was solved by the professor.
  • Joe will be invited to the party.

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Using a reliable and professional passive voice corrector online can help to identify passive voice and correct it. The more you use the tool, the more you will come to identify the passive voice and correct it. You need to check if the passive voice is the result of trying to summarize a plot or history; are you using it to describe sometime or it is a result of trying to emphasize the object.  Depending on how the subject is behaving, you can use an active voice to make the sentence clear.

Passive voice should be avoided because it is less clear, and the doer of the action is not clear, which means the meaning could get lost in words. You can avoid the use of passive voice by using a grammatical checker; while most of the grammatical checkers work effectively and detect the words such as ‘to be’ verbs that do not necessarily translate passive voice. It is necessary to be careful and see which words need to be changed to ensure your assignment is written in an active voice.