What Are The Cause And Effect Of Sibling Rivalry?

The children or offspring whose one or both parents are common are known as siblings. In other words, we can say that siblings are brothers and sisters.  During childhood, the siblings spend most of their time with themselves rather than their parents. The bond of siblings is complicated and it can be influenced by many factors. Competition among the siblings is known as sibling rivalry. dissertation writing service is the best place to get assignment help about the causes and effects of sibling rivalry. The possible causes and effects of sibling rivalry are explained below;

  • It is the desire of each child to define himself/herself as an individual. He/she also tries to show the world that he/she is separate from his/her sibling. For this reason, each child tries to find his own talent, interest and activities.
  • All the parents try to provide equal attention to their children. The siblings think that they are getting unequal attention from their parents and other family members. This sense of unequal attention and responsiveness from the parents can become a cause of sibling rivalry.
  • When a new baby or other sibling is born, then their parents provide more attention to the newly born child. This newly born child can also become a cause of sibling rivalry.
  • During the development stages of their children, the parents want that their children should get maturity. For this reason, they force their children to interact with each to get the common goals. As a result, life can become unfair to them and sibling rivalry is created.
  • If a child is getting bored and his sibling is enjoying, a fight will be started among themselves. This fight can cause a sibling rivalry.
  • There are also some children who don’t know how to get the attention of their parents. Moreover, they are also unaware of the fact how to perform playful activities. On the other hand, his sibling knows all of these techniques. As a result, a fight is started among them and sibling rivalry is created.
  • Due to the aggression of the parents, a fight is started among the siblings. Its reason is that they are not able to find out the acceptable ways to resolve these conflicts.
  • There are also some siblings who are not able to enjoy some time with the family members. This thing can become a cause of increasing the conflicts between the siblings. After engaging in these conflicts, the chances of sibling rivalry are increased.
  • There are some families who keep their children under stress. This stress can become a cause of shortening the fuses of the children. This stress also decreases the ability of the students to tolerate frustration. This thing leads to more conflict.
  • After the conflicts between two siblings, if the parents react with these two siblings differently, this thing can also become a cause of sibling rivalry.

The possible signs of sibling rivalry are bed-wetting, talking just like a baby, competing with their siblings, and trying to seek constant attention from others.